We have been working in plastic injection moulding for more than 30 years. Our main business are Household appliances, Heating technology, Electrical components, Automotive, and we are improving relationship with the most important national and global Companies.

Men and professional service
for our Customers

We are specialized in tool construction, injection moulding and finishing of plastic components, with a full traceability and management of the working flow. We cooperate and co-design with our Customers, suggesting the best raw materials and technical solutions, to improve quality and costing.

We have the most updated technologies to finish and smarten moulded products, adding metal components in zamak, aluminium, stainless steel and brass.

  • 40


  • 30


  • 30000000

    pieces produced per year

  • 13000

Our strength is based on

Flexibility, reactivity, cooperation

The increasing production requirements of our Customers, are pushing us every day to grow and improve our planning and delivery capabilities, to satisfy high service level.

The Company has qualified human resources, in sales, technical and logistic depts. all assisted by the right computer system to follow production from the order to the delivery. Right the Order activates the planning and the production cycle, to target the full respect of delivery time. A new big warehouse allows us to keep safety stock, to make products available even in real time or quick delivery.


From the first draft we can develop the design and final geometries of any plastic part. We design and manifacture the moulds in our Workshop, together with the construction of all necessary tooling equipment for final production, according to the highest quality standard required.
Our complete machine range, can allow us all kind of reworks, for quick deliveries.


Our injection moulding machines from 35 to 500 tons, can produce thermoplastic components with the widest range of techno-polymers like PC, PET, PBT, PA, ABS, PMMA, PE…
Moreover, the nitrogen equipment can produce parts with the air-moulding technology.


Our injection machines from 80 to 570 tons, can produce thermoset components in PF, UP, MF and more.


Our high efficiency automatic equipment can paint thermoset, thermoplastic and metal components, with different liquid colors and finishing. Plus two cabins for manual painting.
With the cooperation of our suppliers, we can galvanize almost any component in chrome, nickel, gold… Moreover, we can supply and assemble metal components in brass, zamak, aluminium, with any painting or chroming finish.


With 20 machines, we can print graphics on plastic and metal, on any kind of surface: flat, round and conical, with multi-color possibilities.


A big building for finished and half finished products, can manage high flexibility and personalized stock for any customer requirement, to deliver just in time.

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Quality Certification

For many years, we have worked and produced according to the highest quality standard. Since 2002 we are certified according Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015.

To pursue the target of TOTAL QUALITY, we have built a solid technological structure, and an adequate training and computer system for all persons involved in each production step.

Our lab can provide dimensional measurements, also in 3D, mechanical and chemical resistance test, lifetime test, colorimeter measurement, and many more.

Each testing is followed by a Test Report for Quality and Approval process, to certify the respect of our customer specifications.

ENVIRONMENT is the utmost importance for us, to be respected by using ecological and bio-frendly products, and new technologies to prevent and protect against any kind of pollution.